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The Sahara Magician Arts & Entertainment

The Sahara Magician Arts & Entertainment is a company whose mission is to showcase African talent in the arts to the world. Its current focus is in the development of music artistes. Boasting a roster of burgeoning talent, global impact is just at the horizon.


Artist, Producer, Videographer


BushBoyMena is an accomplished artist, producer, songwriter, studio engineer and film director from Ghana. His discography is vast and contains influences from a number of genres including Hip-Hop, Afro Pop and House. His most recent project is a solid 10 track compilation which showcases his many talents. He also has a single with Ghanaian Hip-Hop heavy-hitter Sean Lifer of Kumerican fame. Follow him on Instagram @bushboymena


Lyricist, Videographer


NiiMoney is a meticulous lyricist and experienced videographer of Dutch-Ghanaian descent. Painting vivid pictures with both his lyrics and camera, his creativity is top-tier. He currently has one official single out with frequent collaborator DubblOhz and numerous other singles yet to be released. Expect more singles and possibly a full-length project before the end of the year. Follow him on Instagram @niimoney._

Singer, Songwriter

ZX Musiq

ZX is a powerful vocalist from Ghana. Comfortable with lending his vocals to tracks in an array of styles including R&B, Afro Pop and Hip-Hop, he's a frequent collaborator with DubblOhz; appearing on two of the 9 tracks from his debut album. ZX is currently laying low with his own music, but has recorded tunes set to be released later this year. Follow him on Instagram @zxmusiq

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